Marsyas  0.5.0-beta1
Todo List
Class Biquad
I don't know how Biquad works (inObs?!), if it works at all. Investigate.
File general.doxy

document how to use MRSDEBUG and similar stuff.

configure should check for alsa headers.

Move any useful comments out of Gain.h / Gain.cpp and into the MarSystemTemplate stuff.

all .cpp files should be inside the Marsyas namespace, instead of importing it.

all Foo::Foo(string blah) need to change to Foo::Foo(std::string blah); In other words, the argument list in .cpp needs to be the same as .h

document controls for ALL "core" MarSystems. (once that's done, tackle Processing, Analysis, and Synthesis)

finish putting Marsystems in categories. grep "ingroup none" *

Remove class from all doxy. Doxygen is happier if it can figure out the class by itself (ie place the doxy stuff right before the "class foo" line)

run dos2unix on all source files. Also (possibly) run astyle. Problem: these changes count as... umm... changes :). That means that you can't easily use svn blame to find out who made the last non-trivial change.

get Transcriber-simple integated in Marsyas. Then update pitchextract to use it (maybe?)

Nag gtzan about having a marsyas/Qt/ that contains stuff like MarSystemQtWrapper.

Discuss splitting MarSystemManager into MarSystemManager-atoms and MarSystemManager-molecules

doxygen for the apps? (maybe?) (seperate docs?)

Class MarFileSink
sort out PlotSink and MarFileSink (rename, delete one or both, etc)
Global Marsyas::obsNamesAddPrefix (mrs_string observationNames, mrs_string prefix)
Use this function in more places (e.g. search for occurrences of 'find(",")').
Global Marsyas::obsNamesSplit (mrs_string observationNames)
Use this function in more places (e.g. search for occurrences of 'find(",")').
Global Marsyas::stringSplit (mrs_string input, mrs_string delimiter)
Use this function in more places (e.g. search for occurrences of 'find(",")').
File PeUtilities.h
WhyTF does PeUtilities exist in the global namespace? Fix this; make them a static class or delete the whole thing or something.
Class realvec

Crash-proof certain functions in realvec (like calling median() on an empty realvec)

document realvec functions. In detail. Using all the doxygen tricks. For something as basic as this, it's worth it.

Class RunningAutocorrelation
Support overlap between slices (e.g. provide a control for skipping a certain amount of samples).
Class RunningStatistics

: add kurtosis

: add option to output running energy (we're calculating it anyway)

Class SoundFileSource2
Merge this with SoundFileSource (and all the other soundfileXXX2 stuff)
Class SoundFileSourceHopper
: provide reset functionality to reset the Shiftinput memory and also takes reseting the SoundFileSource into account.
Class Spectrum2ACMChroma
  • Check whether parameters are independent on input sample rate (~= 8kHz)
  • Include check if provided (amplitude) spectrum was correctly computed
  • Include correct error handling (conform Marsyas rules)
  • Let the lowest F0 be higher than the diapason
  • Introduce a highest F0 additional to a lowest F0
  • Add "fan in combinator" to simplify actual chroma profile computation
Class Sum
Sum mrs_real/weight should be implemented as a meta-composite in marsystemmanager. (? -- lmartins said this)