Marsyas  0.5.0-beta1
Public Member Functions
Selector Class Reference

Select different observations from input data. More...

#include <Selector.h>

Inherits MarSystem.

Public Member Functions

MarSystemclone () const
void myProcess (realvec &in, realvec &out)
 Processes data.
 Selector (std::string name)
 Selector (const Selector &a)
 ~Selector ()

Detailed Description

Select different observations from input data.

Steven Ness (

Select one or more observations from your input data and pass it to the next MarSystem.

The enable and disable controls are used in a similar way to the way they are used in FanOut.

This is useful for cases like PitchPraat that output both a frequency and a confidence and you just are interested in one or the other.


Definition at line 55 of file Selector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Selector ( std::string  name)

Definition at line 31 of file Selector.cpp.

Selector ( const Selector a)

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~Selector ( )

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Member Function Documentation

MarSystem * clone ( ) const [virtual]

Implements MarSystem.

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void myProcess ( realvec in,
realvec out 
) [virtual]

Processes data.

inInput data to read.
outOutput data to write.

Implement this method in subclass to define specific data processing.

Implements MarSystem.

Definition at line 119 of file Selector.cpp.

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