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UdpReceiver Class Reference

Awaits UDP packets and pushes them onto a packet_queue. More...

#include <udp_receiver.h>

Inherits OscQueueProvider.

Public Member Functions

void clearQueue ()
bool running ()
void start ()
void stop ()
 UdpReceiver (const std::string &address, int port, size_t queue_size=1000 *128)
 ~UdpReceiver ()


class Implementation

Detailed Description

Awaits UDP packets and pushes them onto a packet_queue.

Jakob Leben (

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UdpReceiver ( const std::string &  address,
int  port,
size_t  queue_size = 1000 * 128 

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Member Function Documentation

void clearQueue ( ) [inline]

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bool running ( ) [inline]

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void start ( )

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void stop ( )

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Implementation [friend]

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