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GaussianClassifier Class Reference

Single Gaussian multidimensional classifier. More...

#include <GaussianClassifier.h>

Inherits MarSystem.

Public Member Functions

MarSystemclone () const
 GaussianClassifier (std::string name)
 GaussianClassifier (const GaussianClassifier &a)
void myProcess (realvec &in, realvec &out)
 Processes data.
 ~GaussianClassifier ()

Detailed Description

Single Gaussian multidimensional classifier.

Simple multidimensional Gaussian classifier. The classifier parameters (or model) are stored in the the theta control. When the mode control is set to "train" the input slice is used to accumulate information for training. The actual final theta calculation is completed when the control train is set to true. That can accomodate non-incremental or batch training. The labels control is used to provide ground truth about the label(s). The output of the classifier is the ground truth label(s) when the mode control is train.

When the mode control is set to "predict" then the output of the classifier is the predicted labels using the trained parameter vector theta.

Basically there are four states based on control transitions (previous value of mode (PVM); current value of mode(CVM)): 1. PVM: predict; CVM: train ==> reset the classifier 2. PVM: train; CVM: train ==> train or accumulate samples for batch classifiers 3. PVM: train; CVM: predict ==> finalize things like calculating means and variances to prepare for prediction 4. PVM: predict; CVM: predict ==> just predict

This MarSystems serves as a prototypical classification/regression MarSystem.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GaussianClassifier ( std::string  name)

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Member Function Documentation

MarSystem * clone ( ) const [virtual]

Implements MarSystem.

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void myProcess ( realvec in,
realvec out 
) [virtual]

Processes data.

inInput data to read.
outOutput data to write.

Implement this method in subclass to define specific data processing.

Implements MarSystem.

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