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CF_class Class Reference

#include <CARFAC_coeffs.h>

Public Member Functions

void CARFAC_Design (double fs=-1, double ERB_break_freq=-1, double ERB_q=-1)
void CARFAC_DesignAGC ()
void CARFAC_DesignFilters ()
void CARFAC_Init (int n_mics=-1)
 CF_class ()
 CF_class (const CF_class &a)
double ERB_Hz (double CF_Hz, double ERB_break_freq=-1, double ERB_Q=-1)
 ~CF_class ()

Data Fields

AGC_coeffs_class AGC_coeffs
std::vector< AGC_state_classAGC_state
CF_AGC_params_class CF_AGC_params
CF_filter_params_class CF_filter_params
int cum_k
filter_coeffs_class filter_coeffs
std::vector< filter_state_classfilter_state
int fs
int n_ch
int n_mics
std::vector< std::vector
< std::vector< double > > > 
std::vector< double > pole_freqs
bool printcoeffs
bool printstate
std::vector< strobe_state_classstrobe_state
double strobe_threshold_start


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const CF_class &)

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CF_class ( )

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CF_class ( const CF_class a)
~CF_class ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void CARFAC_Design ( double  fs = -1,
double  ERB_break_freq = -1,
double  ERB_q = -1 

Definition at line 376 of file CARFAC_coeffs.cpp.

void CARFAC_DesignAGC ( )

Definition at line 475 of file CARFAC_coeffs.cpp.

void CARFAC_DesignFilters ( )

Definition at line 426 of file CARFAC_coeffs.cpp.

void CARFAC_Init ( int  n_mics = -1)

Definition at line 517 of file CARFAC_coeffs.cpp.

double ERB_Hz ( double  CF_Hz,
double  ERB_break_freq = -1,
double  ERB_Q = -1 

Definition at line 410 of file CARFAC_coeffs.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  o,
const CF_class l 
) [friend]

Definition at line 561 of file CARFAC_coeffs.cpp.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 187 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

std::vector<AGC_state_class> AGC_state

Definition at line 190 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 183 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 182 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

int cum_k

Definition at line 193 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 186 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 189 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

int fs

Definition at line 181 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

int n_ch

Definition at line 184 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

int n_mics

Definition at line 188 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

std::vector<std::vector<std::vector<double> > > nap

Definition at line 192 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

std::vector<double> pole_freqs

Definition at line 185 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 210 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

bool printstate

Definition at line 209 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 191 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

Definition at line 195 of file CARFAC_coeffs.h.

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