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4.1.4 mkcollection

mkcollection is a simple utility for creating collection files. To create a collection of all the audio files residing in a directory the following command can be used:

     mkcollection -c -l music /home/gtzan/data/sound/

This also labels the data as ‘music’.

If the -md flag is added, then the filenames written to the .mf file will contain MARSYAS_DATADIR when appropriate.

All the soundfiles residing in that directory or any subdirectories will be added to the collection. mkcollection only will add files with .wav and .au extensions but does not check that they are valid soundfiles. In general collection files should contain soundfiles with the same sampling rate as Marsyas does not perform automatic sampling conversion on collections.

Warning: mkcollection will add a .mf to the collection filename if it does not contain any extention; otherwise it will leave the collection filename alone.