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3 Tour

This chapter assumes that you have succesfully compiled and installed Marsyas as described in Source installation. The compiling configuration should be Release otherwise there are noticeable artifacts in the audio playback. The goal of this chapter is to provide a quick tour of various tools included with the Marsyas distribution that can be used to showcase the capabilities of the framework rather than a complete exposition which is provided in chapter Available tools.

In order to execute the examples described in this section you will need collections of music tracks in an audio format supported by Marsyas. The chapter assumes that the collections provided in have been downloaded and placed in a subdirectory named audio of the Marsyas distribution. Here is a possible sequence of commands to obtain the datasets in a unix like system (Linux, OSX or Cygwin).

     mkdir audio
     cd audio
     tar -zxvf genres.tar.gz
     tar -zxvf music_speech.tar.gz

This should create directories containing the audio files of the collections for example on my OS X laptop for a particular release of Marsyas the following audio track is available: /Users/gtzan/src/cxx/marsyas-0.2.20/audio/music_speech/music_wav/nearhou.wav