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2.2 Step-by-step building instructions

You will find here detailed step-by-step instructions for building Marsyas with basic features only. These instructions are intended as a beginner's introduction to the procedure of software building in general. For extra features, please look at other sections of the manual.

Please note that there are a lot of optional extensions to the basic Marsyas functionality which require installation of additional supporting software. Moreover, there may be slight differences in installation procedures based on your particular computer setup. Only a few representative cases are described here. If you find troubles you can always ask for help on the user or developer mailing lists. If you find solutions to issues not covered here, please send us information so we can include it in this manual.

The following sections contain instructions for building latest Marsyas on most recent versions of Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The following sections cover building older Marsyas versions (up to 0.4.8), and on older platform versions. They are most probably not relevant for the latest Marsyas sources anymore: