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9.5.4 Python

Here are instructions for python/ruby SWIG bindings. These instructions assume Python and/or Ruby are installed. You might need to install a more recent version of Python (for example MacPython from the Python website) than the one that comes pre-bundled with OS X depending on the version of your system.

At the top level directory do :

    ./configure –enable-bindings
  1. make
  2. sudo make install

Assuming that python and ruby have been locating your bindings have been compiled and installed. To check that your bindings are installed.

  1. Start any python IDE or shell (for example python or ipython)
  2. At the prompt type:
  3. import marsyas
  4. If you get no error your bindings have been installed
  5. Go to swig/python
  6. Try some of the examples such as or