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2.1 Get Marsyas sources

Stable(-ish) Version

Marsyas is currently approaching the next stable release (version 0.5.0). The source code is in the "release/0.5" branch of our git repository, hosted on GitHub, and it can be downloaded using the following link:

Development Version

If you intend to keep updating your copy of the Marsyas sources along with the latest development or contribute to development, you will need to use git to interact with the Marsyas git repository.

The Marsyas git repository is hosted on GitHub:

Read access

To clone the repository onto your computer, use the following git command:

     git clone
Write access

The above command will only provide read access to the online repository (for latest updates). If you want to publish your contributions back to the online repository, you will need write access:

  1. Create a GitHub account, if you don't have one yet.
  2. Ask permission for write access to the repository on marsyas development mailing list.
  3. Clone the repository using the following command:
     git clone