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10.2.2 Constructors / destructor

The first function is the standard C++ constructor; the second function is the copy constructor. The destructor is straightforward.

     MyName::MyName(string name):MarSystem("MyName", name)
     MyName::MyName(const MyName& a) : MarSystem(a)
     MarSystem* MyName::clone() const

clone() is used to create a new MarSystem; Marsyas stores an instance of every MarSystem at run-time, and future MarSystems are simply clone()'d from the initial instance.

Copy constructor

All member pointers to controls must be explicitly reassigned in the copy constructor. Otherwise these member points would be invalid, which results in trying to de-allocate them twice! The function should look like this:

     MyMar::MyMar(const MyMar& a) : MarSystem(a)
         ctrl_gain_ = getctrl("mrs_real/gain");
         ctrl_other_ = getctrl("mrs_natural/other");
         ctrl_dothis_ = getctrl("mrs_bool/dothis");