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2.2.8 Compiling with MinGW on Windows XP

  1. Download and install MinGW from
  2. Download and install Microsoft Direct X SDK from These instructions worked with installing Direct X August 2008 (DXSDK_Aug08.exe).
  3. Download and install the CMake 2.6 binary using the Win32 installer from
  4. Downlaod and install the Tortoise SVN GUI client from
  5. The Tortoise client is integrated with Windows so right click on your desktop and checkout Marsyas as described in the basic installation instructions.
  6. Launch cmake and choose the install type to be “MinGW Makefiles”
  7. Specify the source and build directory you want CMake to use for Marsyas for example if marsyas has been installed in c:\marsyas these would be c:\marsyas\src and c:\marsyas\build.
  8. Press configure until all the options are grey and then click ok
  9. Go to the c:\marsyas\build directory and type “mingw32-make”
  10. The binaries are created in build\bin\release or build\bin\debug.

Python: Installed by default on Linux and MacOS X machines; Windows users may install it from this site. Marsyas contains some very useful scripts which are written in Python.