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2.2.3 Building latest Marsyas on Windows

These instructions are for building the latest development version of Marsyas. It is assumed that you have already obtained the source code. If not, please consult Get Marsyas sources for instructions. Install prerequisits Choose correct Visual Studio Command Prompt

Visual Studio versions which support compilation of 64 bit programs provide you with alternative versions of Command Prompt with the following labels and purposes:

Search the Start menu for the Command Prompt with one of the above labels, according to your intended compilation mode.

Geeky details: The different Command Prompt versions automatically populate the PATH environment variable so as to provide appropriate versions of compilation tools and libraries for the intended compilation mode. Configure Marsyas using CMake
  1. Start the appropriate Visual Studio Command Prompt, as described above.
  2. Navigate to the top-level directory of Marsyas sources. Use the 'cd' command, passing it the path to Marsyas as argument. For example:
              cd C:\Users\John\marsyas
  3. Create a build directory within, which will contain configuration options and compiled Marsyas libraries and programs. Navigate to the build directory:
              mkdir build
              cd build
  4. Start CMake GUI, passing it the source directory (one level up: "..") as argument:
              cmake-gui ..
  5. In CMake GUI: Click "Configure" to start auto-configuration of Marsyas for Windows.
  6. In CMake GUI: A dialog will ask you to choose the desired "generator". From the drop-down menu, choose the version of Visual Studio that you have installed. Click "Finish".

    Note: "Visual Studio 11" corresponds to Visual Studio 2012. If you intend to compile in 64 bit mode, choose the generator which contains "Win64" in its name.

  7. In CMake GUI: Click "Generate" to generate a Visual Studio solution for desired configuration. Exit CMake GUI.

CMake should now have generated a number of new files in the build directory, including a Visual Studio solution file named "marsyas.sln".

If you would like to use CMake options to enable and disable specific features, please see instructions in Configuring with CMake. Compile Marsyas using Visual Studio

Still in the build directory, use 'msbuild' (the Visual Studio build tool) to compile Marsyas in Release mode:

     msbuild /p:Configuration=Release marsyas.sln

You could also compile Marsyas in Debug mode, which would help developers discover bugs in case you run into troubles when using Marsyas. However, Marsyas will run significantly slower when compiled in Debug mode:

     msbuild /p:Configuration=Debug marsyas.sln

After compiling, you should have Marsyas programs in the 'bin' subdirectory and the Marsyas library in the 'lib' subdirectory.