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1.3 About the documentation

1.3.1 Latest version

The documentation is uploaded regularly to

1.3.2 User manual and Developer's manual

This manual (the User manual) is the main documentation for Marsyas; it covers the use of existing tools, creating your own tools, and even how to create new MarSystems.

The Developer's manual is aimed at people who commit material back to Marsyas. It covers tips and tools which make contributing easier, explains the automatic testing (and how to include your code in these tests), and how to write documentation.

1.3.3 Help wanted!

Although Marsyas documentation has improved an incredible amount in the past year, we do not have the resources (time / energy / interest / money) to cover everything. When the documentation team has identified a particular need in the manual which they cannot fulfill themselves, they place a notice to that effect:

Help wanted: missing info!
Brief note explaining what is missing.

If you can fill in any details, please see Contributing documentation.