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1.11 Making a release


  1. From the top source dir, build in RELEASE mode and test:
              mkdir -p build-release/
              cd build-release/
              cmake ../src/
              make clean ; make -j3
              make test
  2. Build the docs from the top source dir,
              mkdir -p build-doc
              cd build-doc
              cmake ../doc/
              make clean ; make -j3
  3. In the top source dir, create tarball (adjust number as necessary):
              svn export . /tmp/marsyas-0.4.8/
              cd /tmp && tar -czf marsyas-0.4.8.tar.gz marsyas-0.4.8/
  4. Upload the tarball. Either use the web interface, or command-line. Update the filename and gperciva@ as needed.
              rsync /tmp/marsyas-0.4.8.tar.gz \


  5. Set the default download to the new file. To my knowledge, this must be done with the online sourceforge interface.
  6. Upload the docs from the top source dir,

    That script might require directory names to be adjusted.