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1.10 Command-line arguments

We're trying to avoid have the same command-line arguments meaning different things in different programs. All arguments should have a short form (1-2 characters) and a long form. Here is a list of commands with specific meanings; if you want to do something different, then find a different pair of letters for the short form.

     (null)             : same as -u
     -u --usage
     -h --help
     -v --verbose
     -s --silent
     -q --quiet
     -o --output    : output to a file
     -g --gain
     -ws --windowsize
     -hs --hopsize
     -ms --memorysize
     -sa --start
     -ln --length
     -pl --plugin
     -sr --samplerate
     -ch --channels
     -co --collection

We're still in the process of renaming arguments, so there may be inconsistencies between actual program behaviour and this list.