Lego NXT Dancing to the Rhythm

Lara, a Lego-NXT-based robot, dancing to the rhythm of prodigy. It analyses the musical rhythm, based on onset detection, and embodies it with user-defined dance movements. The dance also varies with the color stepped on the dance floor (using a color sensor), while the robot (tries to) avoid the environment walls (with a sonar sensor).

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Marsyas Genre Meter

A demo of the Marsyas Genre Meter, a program that shows the different genres a piece of music falls into. By George Tzanetakis.


Samba rhythm creation using the Wii-Mote, Open Sound Control and Marsyas.

KeyBoard Controlled Assistive Music Browser

The goal of this project is to develop Assistive Music Browser Software that will enable users with severe disabilities to navigate through their own collections of music via a variety of input methods. We extract relevant features and analyze the audio data within a collection of music (of essentially unlimited size) and map the songs onto a 2-D space, called a self-organizing map, based on similarity. Continual audio feedback is provided to the user as they search their collection to aide in navigation and selection.



MarPanning is a 3D application that allows you to see the left/right panning for different frequency bins of an audio file. It's written in C++ using the Marsyas audio framework, Qt and OpenGL. The y-axis (up and down) shows the different frequency bins, with low frequencies at the bottom and high frequencies at the top. The x-axis (left to right) shows the Stereo Panning Index, as calculated by Marsyas for each frequency bin. The z-axis shows time. The dots are coloured green and are small if there is just low energy in that bin, and grow in size and get more yellow the more energy there is in that bin.

Marsyas with open frameworks and fiducial tracking

MarMixer is an openFrameworks application to mix several sound sources (microphone and sound files) using Marsyas. Fiducial markers from the Reactable project are used to control the volume and pitch of each sound; moving the crossfader fiducial closer to an audio source increases its volume, and rotating the fiducial for each audio source changes the pitch.

Lego Robot dancing with rhythm (II)

Dancing RoboNova

RoboNova dancing to Blur. Each sequence of moves is synchronized to the musical beats, using MARSYAS' real-time beat-tracker - IBT.

MarPanning - Darkstep

A little dubstep ditty that I wrote over the holidays using Ableton Live 8 Suite. Visualized using MarPanning, a program that displays a 3D panning spectrum in real time, part of the Marsyas toolkit.