A picture of the <a href=>Cantillation interface</a>, a Flash application that displays data that is calculated by Marsyas.

Refactoring of Marsyas

A photo of the whiteboard where George, Gustavo and Luis were redesigning Marsyas.

Marsyas Refactoring

A sketch of the refactoring that George, Gustavo and Luis did here at the University of Victoria on refactoring Marsyas.


MarSndPeek is a program that is integrated into Marsyas that allows you to see graphically in real time a three-dimensional representation of the spectrogram of an audio file in a waterfall like in <a href=>sndpeek</a>. It also shows a waveform view and statistics of the audio file.


MarPanning is a program within Marsyas that uses OpenGL and Qt to display a real-time view of the left/right panning in an audio file. It is meant to be useful as a pedogogical tool for teaching record production techniques. We have also developed a version using Flash for the display of the 3D panning information, this can be found at <a href=></a>. In both applications, Marsyas is used for all generation of the Stereo Panning Index.

Graphical Marsyas Network Builder

A graphical network builder to allow people to build Marsyas networks from a webpage. Developed using Processing.


MarGrid2 is a program that you can find inside the Marsyas distribution that uses Self-Organizing Maps to place songs from your music collection onto a two dimesional grid. Similar songs are placed close together on this grid, while dissimilar songs are placed further away from each other, using features extracted from the audio file by Marsyas.

Marsyas v0.2

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